Group stage ends at ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas

On the night of August 24, the last day of the ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas online championship group stage was played. Following the results of 7 playing days in the championship, 4 teams were determined that will play in the playoffs.

The YawaR, Quincy Crew team advanced from the first line to the playoffs. The club finished the group stage 6-1. Infamous came out in second place, finishing the group 5-2. Thunder Predator and 4 Zoomers completed the quarter of the winners, completing the group stage 4-3.

The playoff grid is also known. The first round of the main stage looks like this:

The playoffs will be played in a double-elimination format. The final stage of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas will kick off on August 25. You can watch the broadcast of the main stage of the championship on the official twitch channel Maincast.