OMEGA League: results of open qualifiers

Several divisions in the OMEGA League have come to the end of the qualifying rounds. In China, For The Dream and DeMonster are better than the rest of the qualifiers. They have now joined the roster of twelve teams to compete in the OMEGA League Asia Divine Division, with a total prize pool of $ 40,000. Execration got into the same division along with 496 Gaming, which became the best in the South-East Asia region.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Europe and Northwest Europe, the qualifying round matches came to an end. TEMPO, EXTREMUM, Cyberium Seed and Khan entered the closed qualifiers from South-Eastern Europe. In Northwest Europe, the best were 5Comrades, Voldemort, E-Corp and MOTACI.

Participants of the closed qualifiers in Europe will compete for an entry into the Immortal Division, where $ 500,000 will be played! The teams that take 3-12 positions in the qualifiers will go to the Divine League. There they will split $ 50,000.

OMEGA League is a league organized by two CIS studios represented by WePlay! and Epic Esports Events. The total OMEGA League prize pool across all divisions is over $ 600,000.