The International 2020 prize pool exceeds $ 30,000,000 threshold

Valve has already managed to raise more than $ 30,000,000 in the prize pool of The International 2020 with the help of the Battle Pass 2020. It was possible to reach this amount in 62 days and 9.5 hours. For the same period last year, it was possible to collect only $ 26,424,316.

Two days ago, the second treasure was released, bringing several new cosmetic sets for heroes to the game. Usually, such events have a significant impact on the growth of the prize pool, but this time this did not happen.

Valve announced that the valid Battle Pass 2020 will be extended by 2 weeks. Thus, the Dota 2 developers apologize for the serious technical problems with the servers in the game, which they could not fix for several days.

The International 2020 prize pool has exceeded the $ 30,000,000 threshold. Photo 1