ESL One Stockholm 2022: the second day of games has started

ESL One Stockholm 2022 kicked off the second day of the group stage. Behind the first stream of games, and below you can find out how these matches ended.

OG - T1

Perhaps the central confrontation of the flow was the match between OG and T1. The first map of the match turned out to be really hot: losing the beginning, T1 meticulously played the part of the second violin and, thanks to the carry Dragon Knight and the mid lane Lina, they took it into their piggy bank. The second map started under the dictation of T1, and on it we saw almost the worst performance in bzm's professional career. T1 earn 2 wins in a row and greatly increase the chances of promotion to the top division.

Beastcoast - BOOM

In the "Southern Derby" it all ended in the world. After confidently winning the first map, Beastcoast focused on a teamfight in the second one, but BOOM turned out to be faster. This is the third draw for BOOM in the tournament, while Beastcoast has 2 draws and 1 loss.

BetBoom Team - Tundra Esports

Team BB and Tundra played in the third parallel match. The Europeans in the class moved the BB company on the first map, leaving them no chance. On the second map, the situation changed drastically: BB Team, having won on the lanes, did not miss the advantage and, thanks to Ursa and Death Prophet, closed the series.

Lots of dota ahead. We will watch 3 more streams of parallel matches.


ESL One Stockholm 2022 started on May 12th and will run until May 22nd. The top 14 teams from five competitive regions will play for a prize pool of $500,000 and 3,530 DPC points.