ESL Stockholm Major 2022: results of the second round of games

Games at ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 continue. We have witnessed the end of another trio of games. If you suddenly missed them, we suggest taking a look at their results below.

Beastcoast vs BB Team

Beastcoast and BetBoom Team were the first to shoot from the top three of the second stream. Map number 1 lasted 33 minutes and BB Team excelled there, playing through the favored Natures Prophet as a carry. The Peruvians answered well on the second map, beating their counterparts in 40 minutes using a bunch of Lifestealer, Underlord and Void Spirit cows.


Following Beastcoast and BB Team, BOOM and OG finished the meeting. The main contenders for victory in the group finished the meeting with a fighting draw. On the first map, BOOM used Riki in the first position with the support of Teamplar Assasin, which OG could not do anything against. On map number 2, OG made a bet on the straight-line Specter and Razor and did not lose.

T1 vs Evil Geniuses

The final chord of the second stream in group A was the confrontation between T1 and EG. This match was the only one of the draw that ended with a score of 2-0. The victory was celebrated by T1, who closed EG with the help of Dragon Knight, Natures Prophet and Void Spirit. On the second map, EG tried to play the long game by betting on Naga Siren, but thanks to a competent macro game from T1, they failed to realize the advantage they had earned at the start and lost the match. For Evil Geniuses, this match was the second loss of the day.

Group B matches are ahead at ESL Stockholm Major 2022. Today, 2 streams of matches with 3 parallel games will be played there, as was the case with group A.


ESL One Stockholm 2022 started on May 12th and will run until May 22nd. The top 14 teams from five competitive regions will play for a prize pool of $500,000 and 3,530 DPC points.