DPC 2021/2022 Tour II: what do you remember about the first game day of the last week

Yesterday another working week began, and at the same time, the second round of DPC 2021/2022 continued. There were no particularly colorful matches, but this does not interfere with getting acquainted with the results of all matches for 18.04.

Results of matches for 18.04 in Western Europe

Only one match took place in Western Europe. He took place in the lower division and did not have much importance in the tournament plan.

Goonsquad finished the season cleanly: the team closed the seventh clean sheet and finished in the second division of Western Europe with statistics of 7-0 in matches and 14-0 in maps. Bald Reborn, on the other hand, have 2-5, and so far their place in the lower division is in doubt.

Results of matches for 18.04 in China

The Chinese division also pleased with matches exclusively in the lower division. There were two there yesterday.

The DEC victory guaranteed them a place in the first division for the next season. The win for ShenZhen also determined their future prospects - the team will definitely not fly out of the second division, but will not be able to rise to the first either.

Results of matches for 18.04 in Southeast Asia

There was less action in Southeast Asia. One match in the lower division.

MG.Trust got a critical victory and now they have every chance to cling to a place in the lower division. As for The Apes E-Sport, their situation is unenviable: the team has a 1-6 statistic and every chance of being knocked out of the race.

Results of matches for 18.04 in North America

In North America, a “clearance to zero” took place yesterday. 5RATFORCESTAFF won their last series.

The undisputed leader of the run confidently closed the series against the main outsider of the division, thereby strengthening the passage to the top division with a clean 7-0. Stratyk Gaming, on the other hand, are looking for their luck elsewhere, already outside the DPC ecosystem, at least until the qualifiers for the next season.

Results of matches for 18.04 in South America

According to the standard, we conclude our digest with news from South America. Here, by the way, the second participant of the upper division for the next season was determined.

SG esports' victory guaranteed them a place in the top division of South America next season. Previously, the Wolf Team could boast of the same result.

Today, the games within the DPC 2021/2022 continue. The first divisions of China, Western Europe and North America are returning.