DPC 2021/22 Tour II: the main discoveries and disappointments of the fourth week of games

As part of the second cycle of the DPC 2021/22 Tour II, the 4th week of regular games has come to an end. We have prepared for you a brief summary of past events.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: Western Europe

Let's start, according to the classics, with Western Europe. While China and the CIS are on pause, it is Western Europe that is at the forefront of the DPC.

· Team Liquid 2-1 Entity

· Team Secret 1-2 Brame

· OG 2-0 Gladiators

· Team Liquid 2-1 Tundra Esports

· Nigma Galaxy 0-2 Entity

Obviously, the most significant results for the 4th week were the defeats of Secret and Nigma. If no one expected the first, then they were preparing for the second with bated breath.

In the second division the situation remains rather predictable. Goonsquad are confidently moving towards the first division.

· IVY 2-0 Winter Bear

· Bald Reborn 1-2 Chicken Fighters

· Alliance 2-0 Chillax

· Winter Bear 0-2 goonsquad

· IVY 0-2 Into The Breach

Goonsquad have 5 wins in 5 matches and a win in the next round guarantees them promotion to the top division. Alliance and Chicken Fighters also have huge chances to reach the first division, but only 1 place.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: SEA

Unpredictable battles are unfolding in Southeast Asia. Literally every team is able to beat each and sometimes the favorites are inferior to the outsiders.

· Execration 1-2 Polaris Esports

· Team SMG 0-2 Nigma Galaxy SE

· T1 2-0 Neon Esports

· Fnatic 2-1 Polaris Esports

· BOOM 2-1

In the first division, we say goodbye to Execration. The team failed to catch on to the slot and lost 6 matches with a struggle, thereby going to the lower division.

At this time, we welcome the first team to cross the threshold of the second league. Talon Esports will play in the first division for the next round.

· Motivate.Trust Gaming 2-1 UD Vessuwan

· TNC Predator 0-2 RSG

· Lilgun 0-2 Army Geniuses

· Apes E-Sports 0-2 Talon Esports

· Talon Esports 2-1 UD Vessuwan

The fate of the second slot is still unclear, but most likely it will be taken by RSG, going 5-0.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: North America

No revelations can be expected from North America. Everything goes on as usual there and EG, TSM and Quincy Crew continue to fight for the major.

· Quincy 2-0 The Cut

· 4 Zoomers 1-2 TSM

· Wildcard Gaming 2-0 Team DogChamp

· EG 2-0 Quincy Crew

· The Cut 2-1 simply TOOBASED

In the lower division, everything is a little more interesting, but from the opposite side of the table. There is a fight for survival between 3 teams.

· 5ManMidas 2-0 Black N Yellow

· Arkosh Gaming 0-2 KBU.US

· Black N Yellow 0-2 5RATFORCESTAFF

· 5ManMidas 0-2 The Mystery Machine

· felt 2-1 Stratyk

5ManMidas, Black N Yellow and Stratyk Gaming are fighting for the opportunity to stay in the DPC. Of this trio, only 1 team will be able to continue the path, although the probability of keeping the place by all three remains, albeit very small.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: South America

South America remains the region with the most similar situation to North America. At least in the top division.

· Thunder Awaken 2-1 Infinity

· Balrogs 1-2 Lava

· Infinity 0-2 Hokori

· Beastcoast 2-0 APU King of Kings

· INF.UESPORTS 0-2 Thunder Awaken

The championship is divided, and accordingly 2 teams go to the major in absentia: Thunder Awaken and Beastcoast. The teams have 5 wins in 5 matches.

If we talk about the lower division, then everything is very unpredictable there. At least 5 teams are now claiming 2 slots in the top division, and almost all participants have a chance to get there

· Gorillaz-Pride 1-2 Ravens

· Wolf Team 2-1 Dreamers

· Interitus 0-2 Ravens

· NoPing e-sports 1-2 Omega Gaming

· SG esports 0-2 Gorillaz-Pride

The only ones who are still far from the zone of passage to the top division are Interitus. This team has 1 win out of 5 matches, but then the situation is very funny: NoPing, Omega Gaming, Ravens, SG esports and Wolf Team have 3-2 each, and Dreamers and Gorillaz-Pride have 2-3 statistics, which in general that is also not far from the truth.

The fifth week promises to be hot, and we are sure it will be so. The denouement of the second DPC cycle is close, and therefore we continue to monitor what is happening.