Summing up the results of the DPC 2021/22 Tour II matches for March 29

Another day of the DPC 2021/22 Tour II is over, which means it's time to take stock of the past matches. Yesterday there were a lot of interesting matches and more on that.

Match results DPC 2021/22 Tour II: Western Europe

In Western Europe, teams from the top division left the break yesterday. In addition, 1 match took place in the lower division.

As we can see, there was no fight yesterday: all the favorites won their matches without any problems. Speaking more specifically, the main outsiders in the face of Nigma Galaxy (0-2) and Brame (0-3) are already forming in the top division.

In the lower division, Alliance earn 3 wins in a row.

Match results DPC 2021/22 Tour II: China

China yesterday pleased with a fervent DotA. 3 matches were played.

In the series between RNG and LBZS, the outsiders in the person of LBZS simply crushed their more status favorites on the first map, but they could not turn the advantage into a victory. Xtreme outperformed Vici, as expected, but in the lower division ShenZhen and Ybb Gaming presented a DotA extravaganza, where game number 2 turned out to be especially colorful.

DPC 2021/22 Tour II: North America Match Results

Only 2 matches took place in North America. Both ended 2-0.

There were no surprises planned. Both matches were won without problems by the favorites of their meetings.

The regular stage of the DPC 2021/22 Tour II will continue today. Teams from Southeast Asia are playing now, and teams from Western Europe will play later.