DPC 2021/22 Tour II: morning digest of events

It's March 25th, which means a new day of the DPC draw has begun. Teams from China's top division are playing today, but we'll talk about that tomorrow - now we're talking about the results of yesterday's games.

Results of matches DPC 2021/22 Tour II: Western Europe for 25.03

First, let's hook on the region of Western Europe. According to the calendar, yesterday was a day off in the region, but one match still took place.

OG after an impressive debut with Secret continue to gain momentum. For them, this is 2 wins, but Liquid has 2 losses so far.

Results of matches DPC 2021/22 Tour II: SEA for 25.03

In Southeast Asia, everything went according to the script: 3 matches were played in two divisions. In the first league, Execration played with OB Esports x Neon, and Talon, Lilgun, and not only played in the lower division.

In the top division of DPC 2021/22 Tour II: SEA, there was a good battle and Execration showed a grin, which cannot be said about rivals Talon Esports and Lilgun in the lower division.

Results of matches DPC 2021/22 Tour II: South America for 25.03

Towards the end of the day, confrontations took place in South America. 3 matches were scheduled.

Perhaps the main sensation of the region took place in the upper division - Hokori beat INF.UESPORTS with a score of 2-0. In the lower division, the Wolves, having outplayed the Gorillas, earned their first victory, and the Dreamers beat the Omega in an equal bo3 series.

As stated in the first paragraph, DPC 2021/22 Tour II matches will continue today with China and North America matches.