The start of the second week of DPC 2021/22 and the results of matches for 21.03

On March 21, the second week of DPC 2021/22 started in many regions. There were a lot of dota, dota was different, and you will now see the results of these matches below.

Results of DPC 2021/22 WEU matches for 21.03

Let's start the analysis of the past day from Western Europe, where yesterday there were no matches in the upper division. Instead, we looked at 1 match in the lower division.

For the Swedish mix with the stars LIMMP, s4, Handsken, the victory over IVY was the second in the lower division. IVY, in turn, earned 2 losses in a row.

Results of DPC 2021/22 China matches for 21.03

In the Chinese division, the situation is similar to Europe. There were no matches in the upper division yesterday, but there were fights in the second league.

The main outsider of the tournament after the first week, Phoenix Gaming continue their free fall and earn 3 losses in their piggy bank. Dandelion Esport Club, in turn, earned 2 wins.

Aster.Aries leveled the position after the first week and have a 1-1 statistic. ShenZhen get the second pocket and greatly worsen their chances of further success in the second division.

Results of DPC 2021/22 SEA matches for 21.03

Matches were also played in Southeast Asia. As elsewhere, 2 matches took place here and all in the lower division.

RSG continue to gain momentum and have already earned 3 wins. TNC Predator managed to snatch victory from UD Vessuwan with pain.

Results of DPC 2021/22 America matches for 21.03

The American region will not be divided this time. In the Americas, there were 1 match each in the lower division.

In North America, KBU.US get their first victory, thus creating parity in the standings for a while. SG esports lost the second match after a not bad first week and now have 1-1 statistics.

Today, DPC 2021/22 matches continue (and are already ongoing). Elite team games resume in China and Western Europe.