Gladiators' first victory and other results of the day

Yesterday, as part of the DPC 2021/22, the penultimate day of the first week of the second cycle took place. Saturday turned out to be rich in various DotA, and we will tell you about the results of past matches in the evening digest.

DPC 2021/22 Western Europe match results for 19.03

In Western Europe, 3 matches were supposed to take place, but the Dota 2 client turned out to be against it and we didn’t see the OG-Liquid match. Observed the two remaining confrontations.

The first series turned out to be intense and gave a full-fledged bo3, but the match between Brame and Gladiators ended with a dry score. The Greeks from Brame imposed a fight on the first map, but failed to put the finishing touches.

Match results DPC 2021/22 SEA for 19.03

Southeast Asia was the most interesting, and this despite the dry series in the top division. There was also 1 match in the lower league.

In the top division, T1 demonstrated how not to start the season, losing to an opponent, it would seem, weaker. The main surprise happened on the second series between BOOM and Army Geniuses, where the former received a forfeit defeat and started the season with a loss.

DPC 2021/22 North and South America match results for 19.03

In America, battles took place in two parts of the region. Teams fought in both North and South America.

In North America, the favorites closed their series with a score of 2-0 without any problems, but in the lower division of South America, the battle broke out. Omega Gaming earn 1 win and are on a par with Gorillaz-Pride, NoPing e-sports and SG esports.

Today, the DPC hosted matches in China and will be held in the Americas region. We continue to monitor developments.