Dota 2 Champions League Season 5: Creepwave became the first team to make the playoffs

After the completion of the eleventh game day, the first participant of the playoff stage became known. The lucky ones were the players from Creepwave, who took the seventh victory in the tournament today.

Three interesting confrontations took place today. In the first one, B8 Esports and Khan fought against each other. The meeting was notable for the fact that Proletariy played in the ranks of B8 instead of BB3PX, and in the Khan lineup, pjon and Accell played chshrct and eine. The first map was the longest and lasted 40 minutes. There, Khan chose Sven and Storm Spirit as their main striking force. The bet was played and the team won over B8 in the first map. Dendi and his teammates couldn't put up with this and successfully made a comeback on the second map. To do this, he took advantage of such heroes as Weaver, Medusa and others. The second map ended in 27 minutes. On the third map, Khan abandoned both Storm Spirit and Sven for the first time in a match, and the change in tactics was good for them. Together with Terrorblade and Ember Spirit, they managed to break the throne of their rivals in 37 minutes. B8 Esports have not yet won a single victory in the tournament and are in the last tenth place with statistics 0-6.

In the second match, Creepwave and Brame fought. The first map was long enough and lasted 49 minutes. There, Creepwave used Invoker and Razor, which worked 10 out of 10 and helped the team to take down their opponent's throne. On the second map, the same Invoker was involved, only this time together in conjunction with Faceless Void. This tactic also worked and the favorites of the match, as expected, won, but this time in 34 minutes. The victory over Brame allowed Creepwave to become the first participant in the final stage of the tournament. At the moment, the team tops the table of the group stage with statistics 7-1.

In the third confrontation, V played with HellRaisers. This Bo3 match, like the Creepwave vs Brame match, did not become complete. Moreover, this meeting became one of the fastest in the past matches of Dota 2 Champions League Season 5. The first map ended in victory for HellRaisers in 26 minutes. This was achieved thanks to the good performance of the carry and mid lane who played on Weaver and Invoker, respectively. On the second map, HellRaisers changed their tactics and this time chose Ursa and Overworld Devourer as the main striking force, and they paid off. The map was completed in 30 minutes, and HR moved up to 6th in the group stage table and now have a better chance of reaching the top 4.

Recall that the four best participants in the group stage will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the teams that finished their way in the group stage in 5th-8th place will have to start in the lower bracket. Teams in 9th and 10th places will complete their participation in the event ahead of schedule. So far, this prospect shines most of all for the representatives of B8 Esports.


Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 began on November 8 and ends on the 28th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 50,000. The winner will receive $ 25,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 each. All teams except NoMarci received direct invitations. Daxak and his teammates made their way to the championship through an open qualifier.