Beastcoast will continue to play with their current lineup

The global reshuffle continues after The International 10. While some clubs are actively looking for potentially successful rosters, others are relying on existing ones.

Apparently, this is exactly what the South American club Beastcoast did. Beastcoast hardliner Adrian Cespedes "Wisper" Dobles announced his intentions to continue playing with the current roster.

Current Beastcoast Roster

So far, there have been no official statements from the Beastcoast club regarding the composition, which means that the words "Wisper" cannot be taken for truth. We are waiting for confirmation or denial of rumors in the near future.

Beastcoast's Peruvian lineup was assembled in November 2019. During this time, Beastcoast players have played in many tournaments, the largest of which were WePlay AniMajor (14th place) and The International 10 (16th place).