The Russian national football team gave a comment on the photoshop of the Team Spirit players

The persons representing the Russian national football team talked about why they photographed the players in such a way that they ended up in the uniform of the Russian national football team. This act was not understood by all Dota 2 fans, especially the Ukrainian part of the audience, since Miroslav 'Mira' Kolpakov and Ilya 'Yatoro' Mulychuk are natives of Ukraine. The representatives of the national team explained what they had done by the fact that football fans could simply not understand what was being said in their congratulations. They also urged the fans of Team Spirit not to hold a grudge against them and try to understand the act. Representatives of the Russian national football team gave a corresponding comment to the CQ portal:

This is a completely normal story and reaction for sports and football in particular. It is customary in digital when you want to attach something extraordinary and unusual in terms of content to traditional content. If we put the guys in their uniform, our audience would not understand us (what, who). We did not want to offend or offend anyone, we sincerely congratulated the guys and consider this a great achievement for Russia and the CIS.

Team Spirit won The International, earning $ 18,208,300, and elevating the esports organization to the fourth place on the list of eSports clubs with the highest prize money in the world. The next championship in which Team Spirit players will play will be the CS: GO event PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The Major tournament for the first time in CS: GO history will have a prize pool of $ 2,000,000. On October 26, Spirit will come face to face with their first rival in this event. They will fight the FaZe Clan.

Earlier, the famous CIS-insider Alexei 'OverDrive' Biryukov speculated about Spirit's victory at TI10. He believes that thanks to this, Spirit can have more influence in the media space than their competitors and Natus Vincere. You can read more about this here.