Natus Vincere will play at GG.Bet Ice Challenge

A small championship will be hosted on February 5-7, which prize pool will amount $50,000. Four teams will take part in it: Natus Vincere, AVANGAR, Heroic, and North. The event will take place in London and ExCeL London will be a venue for the tournament.

The teams will start at the playoff stage, which will be run in a Double Elimination bracket. All matches without exceptions will be hosted in a bo3 format.

The prize pool will be distributed among the teams in the following way:

1st place: $30,000
2nd place: $10,000
3rd place: $7,000
4th place: $3,000

Predictions on the matches of GG.Bet Ice Challenge will emerge on our website. Besides this, you will find information about the rest of CS:GO tournaments and broadcasts of all matches of the above-mentioned event.