IEM Beijing 2019: the results of the second gaming day

Who performed well? 100 Thieves , Team Vitality and FaZe Clan . All these teams won the decisive matches and reached the playoffs. Now in the semifinals Astralis will fight with FaZe Clan, and Team Vitality with 100 Thieves.

Who performed worse than the above teams? ENCE , TYLOO, and Evil Geniuses . In decisive confrontations, they were defeated and will continue to observe the event as a spectator. Vici Gaming and TYLOO expectedly took 7th-8th place and received cash prizes of $ 5,500. ENCE also did not have many chances and took 5-6th place in the standings and received $ 10,000, but Evil Geniuses gave their fans a surprise and already left the competition, taking 5-6th place. After the completion of IEM, Beijing 2019 EG will immediately go down one, two or further more positions, losing their primacy to another team.