Evil Geniuses (EG) CS:GO team

The most important information about a team is its performance statistics. So it is worth to check the key performance indicators of Evil Geniuses.

Statistical indicators of Evil Geniuses:

The number of victories in the last 10 matches: 1 (10%).

Evil Geniuses played 8 matches over the last 3 months and won 1 matches - 13%.
Over the past year, Evil Geniuses played 50 matches and achieved victory in 19 matches - 38%.

The nearest game of Evil Geniuses is set at the championship CCT North Europe Series #3. The team Illuminar will be an opponent and the match will be hosted Illuminar.

It will not be odd to mention that Evil Geniuses faced in its previous match with the team Sprout on 02.02.2023. The opponents played this match at the tournament IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In.

The match was over with the well-deserved victory of the team Sprout with a score of 0:2

The ratio of victory(victories) (0%) in the last 5 matches can’t allow us to evaluate the current gaming state of the team Evil Geniuses objectively.

Evil Geniuses is an American multigaming organization. EG rosters are presented in nine disciplines including  Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends. The brand appeared in 2010s, at the beginning of the industry. Let us introduce the story of EG’s CS:GO division.

First Appearance

The story of Evil Geniuses and Counter-Strike started at the time when the esports industry was being created. The first roster debuted at the competitive stage in 2002. The EG was represented by:

  •         Funk
  •         In_Flames
  •         Oslen
  •         mug
  •         Phage

However, in those times rosters changed quickly as the idea of contracts and organizations was still in the making.

EG Before CS:GO

Starting from 2002, EG were active participants in all possible championships, however, at first it was rare for them to show high results..

Their early performance left a lot of room for improvement. At CPL Summer 2002, EG took 17-24 place, at WCG 2003 their position was 5-8, and CPL Winter 2003 brought them 17-24 place again.

2004 started positively for EG. The team that was represented by Canadian players managed to take second place at ATI EverLAN Summer 2004. Then the following players played for the roster:

  •         Bechthold
  •         blackpanther
  •         In_Flames
  •         LaRi
  •         Stevenson

This roster continued to perform at championships, however, the results were not satisfactory. In 2004, the team took 9-12 place at CPL Summer 2004 and 9-16 at World Cyber Games 2004. The team also finished in 5-8 place at the GGL Invitational.

EG spent several years trying to find their game, however, they were unable to do it. Their first results were the second place at CPL Summer 2005 and the third place at World Cyber Arena 2005.

The situation started to change when 2010s began and Counter-Strike was nearing the end.

Fall of Counter-Strike and EG Blooming

The period from 2008 to 2009 was a tipping point in the CS roster’s history. In 2008, Evil Geniuses won WCG Pan-American 2008 and in 2009 the gamers became champions at several major tournaments.

In April 2009, EG won ESEA Invite Finals Season 2 and took 5-8 place at Electronic Sports World Cup Masters of Cheonan, and 9-16 place at KODE5 2009.

In June 2009, EG took fourth place at DreamHack Summer 2009. In July, EG became the champions of GameGune Mexico 2009.

In November, the team won third place at ESEA Invite Finals Season 4, and December brought the gamers the third place at Arbalet Europe 2009.

2009 finished with a victory at IEM IV American Championship Finals for Evil Geniuses.

In 2010, Evil Geniuses continued showing worthy results. In February the team won WES Masters Cup #1, and a month later the gamers took fourth place at the most prestigious tournament of those times – Intel Extreme Masters IV. The success streak was going on and EG won ESEA Invite Finals Season 5.

The middle of 2010 was not the best time for Evil Geniuses. The team failed Arbalet Europe 2010 with their 9-12 place there and showed bad results at ESWC 2010: their position was 13-16.

However, in July the team managed to rehabilitate. EG (Storm, Warden, n0thing, fRoD, and lurppis) won ESEA Invite Finals Season 3, and in September they repeated their success at  GameGune Mexico 2009. At the end of 2009, in December, the team won another major tournament. This time EG became the champions at the IEM IV American Championship Finals. It is quite interesting that Storm was substituted by goodfornothing at the event.

2010 and 2011 were a peak for EG but death for Counter-Strike 1.6. In February, the team took first place at WES Masters Cup #1, and a month later the gamers won the fourth place at Intel Extreme Masters IV and also won ESEA Invite Finals Season 5.

In July the team won ESEA Invite Finals Season 6 and took third place at Abralet Dallas 2010. In August, EG enjoyed the second position at WCG Pan-American Championship 2010, and a month later won the main tournament of the year.

The same EG roster beat one of the best teams of that time – NiP with f0rest and GeT_RiGhT and became the champions of MSI BEAT IT Finals.

A month later EG took 5-8 place at WCG 2010 and 2 place at IEM V American Championship Finals. In November 2010, EG finished in first place at the ESEA Invite Finals Season 7: CS.

In 2011, EG took part in several championships. In March the team took 9-10 place at Intel Extreme Masters V. Later they celebrated their victories at ESEA Invite Finals Season 8 in May and ESEA Season 9 – Invite Division in September.

In October Evil Geniuses took 5-6 place at IEM VI Global Challenge New York, and in November they finished in third place at WCG Pan-American Championship 2011.

Their performance at WCG Pan-American Championship 2011 was the last for the roster with n0thing and for EG. At the end of 2011, Evil Geniuses disappeared from the competitive Counter-Strike. Nobody heard anything about them till 2019.

EG’s New Era and CS:GO

After eight years of silence later, in September 2019, Evil Geniuses announced their return to the competitive Counter-Strike. EG signed a potential roster of NRG Esports. The five gamers were:

  •         Brehze
  •         CeRq
  •         Ethan
  •         Tarik
  •         stanislaw

After the players joined EG, they started to play out in fresh colours and yielded great results. In September 2019, EG won ESL One: New York 2019, and a month later the gamers won StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8.

November 2019 was also fruitful for EG. The team won 3-4 place at Esports Championship Series Season 8 – Finals and EPICENTER 2019.

EG seemed to cement their position in the Worldwide CS:GO Top and to be ready for any attack but they appeared to be helpless in front of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic Period

Switching online influenced the gamers’ motivation and it led to worsening of their results. In April 2020, EG took second place at ESL Pro League Season 11: North America, and a month later, the gamers failed regional ESL One: Road To Rio – North America and DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: North America where the team took 7-8 place.

However, the results improved in the summer 2020. In June EG won BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals, in July the gamers won cs_summit 6 Online: North America, and in August consolidated success with a victory at ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online – North America.

In September and October, EG finished in 3-4 position at ESL Pro League Season 12: North America and Intel Extreme Masters XV – New York Online: North America.

Also in October the gamers failed BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season, as their position was 10-12 there. But in November EG partially rehabilitated thanks to the 3-4 position at Intel Extreme Masters XV – Beijing Online: North America.

Organization and Awards

The CEO post is held by Nicole LaPointe Jameson. The managers of the CS:GO roster are Ryan Towey and LILMAN. The captain position is occupied by stanislaw, and the coach’s role is taken by zews.

EG collaborate with numerous famous brands like Monster Energy, Razer, Twitch, LG UltraGear, Motorola, and Secretlab. Also, EG collaborate with America’s Navy and PEAK6 Investments. 

Since the start of the CS:GO team, different rosters have earned over 1,066,000 dollars of prize money for the organization.

What is the current roster of Evil Geniuses CS:GO
In last matches for Evil Geniuses played: autimatic Brehze neaLaN wiz HexT
When is the umcoming match for Evil Geniuses CS:GO
Schedule of the next matches Evil Geniuses:
04 February 2023 - 12:00 (UTC) vs Illuminar
What is the nearest tournament with the participation of Evil Geniuses CS:GO
Upcoming tournaments Evil Geniuses will play in:
01 February 2023 IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In
22 February 2023 ESL Pro League Season 17

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