ESL Pro League Season 12: NAVI and ENCE will start the battle within an hour!

Earlier we talked about what was remarkable about yesterday's game day. If you missed our event digest, then we invite you to read the material.

Today's game day will bring us 3 confrontations in Group A in Europe. 1 match will be played in North America. We will be able to watch how NAVI, ENCE, BIG, Evil Geniuses and other bands play.

As a reminder, Natus Vincere emerged victorious in their first match, playing against GODSENT. ENCE also triumphed in the first confrontation with Heroic.

We shared our thoughts on the upcoming meeting. If you missed our forecast, then we invite you to familiarize yourself with it.


ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe started today and will end on October 4. The championship is attended by 16 teams, which share a total prize pool of $ 450,000. The tournament is played by teams such as NAVI, Astralis, Vitality, Fnatic, G2 Esports and others. The matches of the American division will end on September 27, and the total prize pool, which is divided by eight teams, is $ 225,000.