ESL Pro League Season 12: events digest

There were two matches in the European division yesterday. In the first one Natus Vincere and BIG showed an interesting fight on the second map. At first the representatives of "Born to Win" played the game, after which BIG overtook their opponents and brought the game to a draw. OG sorted out AGO without any problems. In Group B of the European region, Team Spirit barely beat Team Vitality with a score of 2-1. Vitality won on the first map and everyone already thought that this was an easy game for the French, but the CIS squad did not give up, brought the game to overtime on the second map and brought the meeting to a draw, after which they defeated the opponent on the third map with a result of 16-14...

In North America, Team Liquid faced off against 100 Thieves in a tough fight. On the first map, the 100T beat the Americans 16-3. After such a defeat, it would seem that Liquid should be mentally limp, but they defeated 100 Thieves with a score of 2-1, beating the Australians on the remaining two maps.

Today is significant for the ESL Pro League Season 12 participants in that the teams will be able to take a break from the past confrontations. Tomorrow has four matches in store for us. In Group A in Europe, ENCE will fight GODSENT, and G2 Esports will fight Heroic. In Group B, FaZe Clan are facing off against Fnatic players. In North America, Gen.G Esports will compete with Chaos Esports Club.


ESL Pro League Season 12 runs from September 1st to October 4th. In Europe, 16 participants share a total prize pool of $ 450,000, in America, 8 teams share $ 225,000. In South America, Asia and Oceania, the prize pools will be $ 25,000 each.