cs_summit 6: event digest

Yesterday's game day was quite interesting and was able to give us a couple of surprises. BIG are gaining serious momentum and in yesterday's confrontation defeated Fnatic and reached the final of the upper bracket. Team Vitality, which defeated OG is not without difficulty, does not lose their grasp. The second card with Vitality and OG in duration was like two regular ones. The teams took 54 rounds to identify the winner.

Fnatic, Heroic, OG and GODSENT will now compete in the bottom bracket in knockout matches. North and NiP, in turn, will compete for 7th place in the standings.

In North America, the second finalist of the upper bracket was also determined. Evil Geniuses won the battle with Gen.G Esports and will compete with Team Liquid in the match for the grand finals.

Yesterday's game results

Today we will be able to look at the confrontations of teams such as Fnatic, Heroic, OG, GODSENT, North and NiP. North America will take a break for one day.


cs_summit 6 began on June 22 in North America and the 24th in Europe. The event’s total prize pool is $ 200,000 and rating points. For the European division, $ 125,000 was allocated, while the Americans got $ 75,000. The winner of the North American division will receive a prize of $ 22,000 and 2,000 rating points. In Europe, the triumphant will also receive 2,000 rating units, but the cash reward will be $ 34,000.