Extra Salt and paiN qualified for IEM Winter 2021 North America closed qualifier

Extra Salt and paiN became the first participants in the closed qualifiers for IEM Winter 2021 North America. Now the teams will compete for one ticket to the main tournament to be held in December this year.

The open qualifier for Extra Salt, which received the first seed, was a breeze, as the North American squad coped with Blizzies Glizzies (16: 2), Vicious Kitties (16: 2) and Levitate (16: 9) without any problems to reach the final competitions. In the decisive match for the slot in the closed qualifiers of Extra Salt, Bad News Bears again passed without difficulties (2: 0), proving to the opponent the futility of playing with a coach.

In turn, paiN, which had the third seed in this selection, at first dealt with bankaBEPIS (16: 1), karaSOFT (16:10) and Infinity (16: 4) to fight for a slot in the closed qualifier with her compatriots from Team One. However, they did not show much resistance to paiN, which quickly seized the initiative and closed the streak with a devastating score of 2: 0.

The IEM Winter 2021 North America Closed Qualifier will run online from October 3rd to 4th. Extra Salt and paiN will be joined by two invited members, whose names will be announced shortly.