Renegades qualified for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Renegades qualified ahead of schedule for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The team reached the IEM Fall 2021 Oceania Grand Final, which secured itself the first place in the regional table, breaking away from the nearest rival ORDER by more than 300 RMR points. Thus, even a defeat in the grand final will keep Renegades eligible to compete in the championship in Stockholm.

Victories over VERTEX in the semifinals and LookingForOrg in the final of the IEM Upper Bracket Fall 2021 Oceania, Renegades have guaranteed at least 2344 RMR points in the championship. This result, combined with the victory in the EPIC Oceania League Spring 2021 and the lead from the last RMR season, gives the team the full right to buy plane tickets to Sweden.

It is expected that the Australian team will begin their journey at the New Challengers Stage, where they will meet with two representatives of Europe, two representatives of the CIS, North America, and one representative each from Asia, North and South America.

Note that earlier teams from the CIS - NAVI, Spirit and Gambit - qualified for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. However, the final position of the teams in the regional table, which will take its final form based on the results of IEM Fall 2021 CIS, is still unknown.