Valve added autographs of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 participants

Valve has released an update for CS: GO, adding autographs from the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs. As expected, 50% of the sales will go directly to players and organizations. In addition, the "Flashbang Dance" music set by The Verkkars and n0thing has been added to the game.

The highly anticipated PGL Major Stockholm 2021 autographed stickers have finally been released in-game. The set of stickers includes all autographs of players who participated in the PGL Major 2021 playoffs, which is the main difference from past Valve-sponsored championships.

The community was upset about the sudden change in player autograph policy. Since the autographed stickers were unveiled at ESL One Cologne 2015, every Major player has been autographed in-game, but it looks like Valve wants to make the stickers more exclusive and restrict access to teams that didn't make the playoffs.

The stickers are available in two capsules, one containing only the autographs of the winning NAVI team, while the other contains seven other playoffs: G2, Heroic, Gambit, Vitality, FURIA, NIP, and

As a reminder, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 runs from October 26 to November 7 in Sweden. The winner of the tournament was the NAVI team, which beat G2 with a score of 2: 0 in the grand final and earned $ 1,000,000.