All about IEM Okland PUBG

The general information about the tournament

20 teams will take part in the tournament, 12 of them have received a direct invitation and 8 more teams have passed through a bumpy road of qualifications in America and Europe, four teams have qualified from each region. 4 cyber-sportsmen will be in each team. The game mode will be Squad FPP. 8 maps will be played, each four will be run on November 18 and November 19. All teams will fight on one map at one time.

Teams will be awarded points based on both finishing position, and how many kills they have made within each match. The winner of the tournament will be decided by the final score after all 8 matches have been played.

Oracle Arena, that is situated in Oakland, the USA, will be a venue. A general prize pool amounts 200,000$.

The distribution of a prize pool

1st place - 60,000$
2nd place - 45,000$
3rd place - 30,000$
4th place - 20,000$
5th place - 15,000$
6th place - 12,000$
7th place - 10,000$
8th place - 8,000$

The schedule of gaming days (time UTC+0) :

Saturday, November 18th Sunday, November 19th
Game 1 - 9:00 pm Game 5 - 9:00 pm
Game 2 - 10:00 pm Game 6 - 10:00 pm
Game 3 - 11:20 pm  Game 7 - 11:20 pm
Game 4 - 12:20 am Game 8 - 12:20 am

You can find teams and their rosters by this link.

It is worth to notice that the tournament has not avoided replacements. “The kings” of the European qualification - AVANGAR have been disqualified, despite the fact that they had held the first place at the qualifiers. The reason for such decision of the tournament’s administrator was the fact that the team had been unlikely to make the USA visas in time, however, the team had been working on the issue. They were replaced by Crimson Esports, the team that had held the fifth place at the qualification in Europe.

It is quite difficult to say what we should expect from as this is only the second large PUBG tournament. Let’s remind that the first one took place at the exhibition Gamescom on August 23-26. That time, participants fought in four different modes: Solo, Duo, Duo FPP, and Squad.

It is almost impossible to predict who will win the tournament as a luck plays a very big role. For example, where the circle is, who finds what drop and so on but Penta, FaZe, Team Liquid, TSM, Cloud9 are on the list of favorites but it is not worth to discount the champions of PUBG Gamescom Invitational - Luminosity.

Further, you will see comments of famous persons in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Richard Simms will work as an interviewer at the upcoming IEM Oakland PUBG, he has commented a lot of online PUBG leagues and also PUBG Gamescom Invitational

I think we are in for one hell of an event, this is the first time we truly see the best in the world go head to head in a LAN environment. Gamescom gave us a taste of what this game has to offer but that event had a large variety of people and players involved, now we see what it’s like at the very top end and how the comp meta has landed.

Favorites for me are AAA, FAZE, PENTA. Outsiders, in my opinion, are Cornshookers and Ghost. Spicy teams are C9, NIP, Liquid are all teams that I think could REALLY cause issues for teams and bring unexpected things to the table.

Pubg is incredible to cast if not a little wild, once the game develops a little more and we get more events behind us and tools to help tell the story it will be even better.

Tracking the kill feed is both VITAL but hard when it disappears so fast, having an open map or secondary stream with the map only feels crucial, it would be good to add a better laid out kill feed like CSGO for ease of access who killed who and with what.

Already the game has had massive steps forward and the spec mode has been getting better, the addition of HUD items and also shots fired indicators are big things and I can't wait to see what else the team cooks up! PUBG is all about telling a story and building it from start to finish, you get your mid fight action for the play by play and also the players and breakdowns for the color but the vital thing is explaining how 1 team dropped and won the game start to finish.

PUBG Gamescom Invitational was the first large tournament that was carried out far from smoothly in terms of observing. The observing should be much better at IEM Oakland PUBG as the team of observers and directors was practicing a lot during closed training sessions.

Heather sapphiRe Garazzo will tell us about the observing of the second large tournament, she has previously worked on a lot of CS:GO Majors:

I'm delighted to be part of the most competitive PUBG tournament to date. PUBG certainly presents a captivating challenge for observers and production. Coming from Counter-Strike which requires nearly all first-person POVs, PUBG gives me an opportunity to add some creativity to my in-game directing.

Our observing team is compiled of a number of observers from various esports as well as former professional gamers. ESL has diligently scheduled and analyzed the results of our weekly rehearsals. This has allowed us to trial various observing styles. I believe the end result will set the standard for PUBG observing going forward.