Overwatch will have a changed rating system

Now the players that have 4000+ points will not have a chance to look for a game in the group that consists of 3+ people. The player will be able to find a solo game or to play with their friend. This decision made by Blizzard is explained by the attempt to ideally balance the power of the team. As one team is represented by six teammates with good teamwork and the other one is represented by 2 + 2 + 2, the chance to win for the first team is much higher than for the second one. It's worth noting that not so many Overwatch players have high ratings, so the balance and game search have their own drawbacks.

The changes of the rating system will come into effect on 1 May.

One of the representatives of Mayhem Academy, Mangachu, told that the players of high rangs gather into groups to avoid playing with weak players. He also said that the developers couldn't balance rating games with their actions. Instead of that they would just spoil conditions for all players. Nevertheless, the majority of users is thankful to Blizzard on the game forum.