Quake Champions will be released on Steam

The developers of Quake Champions have told about new details of their game - after the official release, this eSports discipline will be available to buy on Steam. It is worth to notice that you will have to create an account in Bethesda.net in any case and to connect it to your Steam account.

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The comment of the senior producer, Jason Bergman:

«Quake Champions will indeed be released on Steam. You will still be required to have a linked Bethesda.net account, but users playing the game from Steam will not go through the Bethesda.net launcher. During the current beta period the game will only be available through the Bethesda.net launcher.»

Let’s remind that despite the fact that Quake Champions is in a testing stage - the $1,000,000 championship has already been announced for this discipline. The official release is scheduled for the end of this year.