Kemal Sadikoglu has left the position of Team Secret’s CEO

The organization Team Secret informed that Kemal Sadikoglu had left the position of CEO of the eSports organization. He has held the position of CEO since April 2015, also, he is one of the sponsors and co-founders of Team Secret.

Currently, John Yao will hold the position of Team Secret’s CEO instead of Kemal Sadikoglu. Clement «Puppey» Ivanov, who is not only the player of the team but the co-owner of the organization, will help him with the management of the eSports organization. Also, Matthew «Cyborgmatt» Bailey will help John with the management of Team Secret.

Kemal Sadikoglu is a Turkish businessman and the son of a billionaire Kahraman Sadikoglu. Kemal is the president of Adrenaline Sports, which organizes extreme entertainments in Turkey and takes part in the administration of the shipbuilding company. Kemal Sadikoglu became one the main sponsors of Team Secret after his coming to the organization. According to the official announce, Kemal leaves Team Secret because of other interests.
The eSports organization Team Secret was created in August 2014. Team Secret is a multi-gaming organization, which has rosters at Dota 2, CS:GO, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Street Fighter V and even at such mobiles games as Clash of Clans and Vainglory.

The Team Secret’s Dota 2 roster has become the champion of ESL One Frankfurt 2015, MLG World Finals, Nanyang Championships and The Shanghai Major 2016. Team Secret has a strong female CS:GO roster, which won the following championships: Copenhagen Games 2016 Female Tournament, StarLadder Female Stars Championship, eSports World Convention 2016 Women and the recent Intel Challenge Katowice - 2017.