April 7 in the esports world

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Tournaments and victories

In 2012, the CS 1.6 championship and Source championship Copenhagen Games 2012 were over. The prize pools of both tournament consisted of 20,000 euro, while the main money reward was 9,400 euro. The team Fnatic turned out to be the winner of Copenhagen Games 2012 while mousesports became the winner of Copenhagen Games 2012 Source.

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In 2013, StarLadder StarSeries V ended up. Its prize pool was $13,500. Virtus.pro became the winner and the main money reward they got consisted of $6,000.

On that day in the Dota 2 world, the final of StarLadder StarSeries V took place. Its prize pool was $15,000. No Tidehunter became the champions and got the main money reward of $8,000.

In that year, another one CS:GO championship Mad Catz Invitational: Birmingham was over having the prize pool of £10,000. VeryGames became the winners of the competition and received the main money reward of £6,000 (~$9,100).


Today these esportsmen are celebrating their birthdays:

Jonatan «Devilwalk» Lundberg — free agent (27 y.o., CS:GO)
Brandon «Ace» Winn — player of eUnited (23 y.o., CS:GO)
Go «Aid» Jae-yoon — player of OpTic Gaming Academy (23 y.o., Overwatch)
Elliot «Fluffy» Karlsson — player of Crowns eSports Club (22 y.o., Hearthstone)
Wang «Ame» Chunyu — player of LGD Gaming (21 y.o., Dota 2)
Jan «BLUEE» Skaloud — player of eSuba (21 y.o., CS:GO)
Alistair «aliStair» Johnson — player of ORDER (20 y.o., CS:GO)
Leonardo «Leomane» Almeida — player of Red Canids (20 y.o., Hearthstone)