A documentary about esports shot in Cuba

Despite all the difficulties connected with the socialist country where dictatorial regime rules, a Dota 2 player hurried to share news that love to the MOBA game exists even there. According to the creator of the documentary, Dota is the most popular game of Cuban fans of playing computer games. An interesting fact is that their acquaintance with the project happened at the times when DOTA was only a mod for Warcraft 3.

Main difficulties for Cuban esportsmen appear due to the fact that the game is not officially supported in the motherland of Fidel Castro. The players have a chance to try new patches only several months after the official release.

Inspite of the fact that Cuban Dota 2 players like spending a lot of time on this game, we are unlikely to see a Cuba representative at any international championship soon. It happens due to big problems with the Internet. While we have a free access to the Internet at almost any place with the help of 3G and 4G frequencies, and the providers are able to give 100+ megabits per second for a relatively inexpensive price, the Cuban discovered the world of the Net in 2011, and the speed and the prize of the pleasure could be much better. Initially, only civil servants could use the Internet. Later, the citizens also got an opportunity to open the world of the web with the help of special establishments. By the way, the price of such a pleasure is rather high which is $4,5, while average salary of a Cuban is estimated from $20 till $60 a month. We can’t also get jealous with their speed of the Internet that is used in Cuba. It ranges from 150 kb/s till 1 mb/s.

Despite all difficulties the Cuban face with Dota 2 fans managed to create something similar to a professional stage where the best players fight at the LAN tournaments.