7 million dollars were invested in Fnatic

Holdings Raptor Group and Hersh Interactive Group have invested 7 million dollars in the development of one of the most famous eSports organizations in the world - Fnatic. Also, the director of MIT Media Lab Joichi Ito and the head of Fractal Design Hannes Wallin are among investors.

The comment of the Fnatic founder - Sam Mathews:

«The eSports develop very fast, especially in recent years. The most valuable rise happened thanks to the inclusion of sports clubs, media companies and high-ranking persons in the process, who started quickly developing the industry. We have a great potential in the eSports and the help of investors only increases our ability to realize it and also to provide innovations.»

The head of Fnatic plans to spend these facilities on the recruiting of new personnel, new training bases and additional academies. Let’s remind that Fnatic signed the agreement with FC «Roma», which owner is Raptor Group, in the end of 2016.