Persona 5 Royal Tops Forbes Top 17 PlayStation 4 Games

After Ghost of Tsushima came out and took first place in the charts of British retail stores, Forbes decided to make a list of the 17 best games for the PlayStation 4. The main tool in the selection of games was the assessment of journalists and players on Metacritic, the most famous review aggregator. Forbes calculated the ratio of points to the number of reviews from gaming journalists.

The leader of the seventeen in the face of Persona 5: Royal has a rating of 95 out of 100, the second place The Last of Us Remastered - 95 out of 100, and the last three God Of War received 94 points out of 100. It is noteworthy that the top five have two representatives two lines of games. The Last of Us Part II is located at 4 positions, and Persona 5 - at 5.

The PS4 recently got its exclusive Ghost of Tsushima. The game tells us about Jin Sakai, a samurai who devoted his life to the battle with the Mongol troops who invaded Japan in the 13th century. Players will play as the nephew of the ruler of the island of Tsushima, who will transform from a samurai into the "Ghost of Tsushima" to keep his enemies at bay.

17 best Forbes PlayStation 4 games