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Polish roster received a direct invitation to ESL One New York 2016 tournament. VP is the 4th team to get the direct invitation from tournament organizers.
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Recently, a list of participants for SeatStory Cup Season 6 was revealed. HearthStone tournament will take place in Germany and will be hosted by TakeTV in Krefeld.
The card reveals for Warrior have really been hinting at another viable late-game control Warrior list. Could it be enough to make it viable again?
How the mighty have fallen - Rogue's incredible power in the Meta has hit a sudden snag since the release of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.
Danish team has found a substitute for Emil «Magiskb0Y» Reif.
Boston Major regional qualifiers format and schedule are announced. The first stage is bo1. Two matches in a region will take place simultaneously. 4 teams with the best results will join the play-off series.
fnatic, one of the best CS:GO teams that has recently signed GODSENT roster, received the invitation to the upcoming ESL event.
The final wing of Karazhan awaits, and with it comes some of the most interesting cards yet! Take a look at 4 more decks you should try when the wing releases this Thursday.
You can’t hide: Hell Billie is in the game now!
In a comic release by Valve, a new hero was teased - a lot. Over a long time, but now it's actually possible. See what information we have for now on DOTA 2's possible newest addition to the heroes, Underlord!