Vaevictis eSports trolled by ROX

The point of the mild trolling is that ROX banned five supports not because they wanted to prevent picking these characters, but due to their disrespect to the opponents.

In the Russian-speaking community, there is a stereotype that female LoL players can be good only as supports of the fifth position and have been nicknamed “wardilochka” (warding girl — editor's note). Due to that the ban from ROX was conceived as a reference to this fact and the community got divided into two camps: those who supported ROX and those who didn't agree with the male team.

In any case, this situation is extraordinary as well as appearance of the battle of the female and male teams in the professional League of Legends league.

As a reminder, on 16 February Vaevictis eSports signed a female LoL roster for participation in the Continental League. It looks as the following:

Diana ‘TR1GGERED’ Ivanchenko
Aida ‘Merao’ Kazaryan
Lena ‘VioletFairy’ Koval
Ksiusha ‘Trianna’ Mescheryakova
Natasha ‘Ankote’ Zayko