Team SoloMid signed two players

It has become known recently that Team SoloMid had signed two cyber-sportsmen as substitute players.

Vincente «Shynon» Vu and Johnny «Swifte» Ngo became a part of the team. Vincente Vu plays as AD Carry and used to be a player of Delta Fox and the support player Johnny Ngo previously used to be listed in Team Dignitas.

The head of Team SoloMid has not officially announced about changes in the team at the moment but has already made changes to their roster in the LoL Esports profile. Previously Team SoloMid said that they wanted to have 10 players in its LoL roster. Team Liquid stated about this on June 23.

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The roster of Team SoloMid:

Kevin «Hauntzer» Yarnell (Starter)
Dennis «Svenskeren» Johnsen (Starter)
Søren «Bjergsen» Bjerg (Starter)
Yiliang «Doublelift» Peng (Starter)
Vincent «Biofrost» Wang (Starter)

Richard «Valkrin» Royer (Reserve)
Hi Im Gosu (Reserve)
Vincente «Shynon» Vu (Reserve)
Johnny «Swifte» Ngo (Reserve)
Andy «Reginald» Dinh (Owner/Coach)