NRG Esports' former roster disbands.

As the title suggests, the former roster of what was known as NRG Esports has been officially disbanded. The team just recently have failed to re-qualify for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. It's apparent that this was ging to happen eventually, especially with the poor performances and results of the team altogether.

NRG ESports Former Roster:

The organization denies to make any kind of comment on the matter for now, but the players have all stated their future plans after being free agents. Ohq and GBM have both publicly announced that they are indeed going back to Korea for their next chapter. Both are still uncertain if they will re-join in the LCK at the moment. Santorin stated that he will review offers from different team offers from both North America and Europe. He still prefers it if he stays in the NALCS and in North America. Other members are still unsure of their fate.

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