Ming «Clearlove7» Kai returns to EDward Gaming starting roster

After 3-months break, Clearlove7 decided to return to the main Chinese roster.

Edward Zhu, the founder of the esports organization announced about that in his Twitter account. He answered a repeated question of the fans «When will Clearlove7 compete onstage?» with the words «Definitely this month».

Currently, there is no information whether Ming Kai replace the Jungler of Zhao «Fireloli» Zhiming or he will take another position.

On the Weibo account, the representatives of EDward Gaming told that Clearlove7 is actively training with the rest of the team. Also, it is known that Ming Kai will play with his team in LPL Spring Split 2017.

Ming «Clearlove7» Kai decided to leave EDward Gaming in November last year after winning Demacia Cup. His position was taken by another Jungler, Zhao «Fireloli» Zhiming. Yahoo eSports announces that after leaving the main roster, Clearlove7 did not stop to play League of Legends. Ming Kai steamed and trained. Besides, he participated in test games playing for EDward Gaming, but did not play on the professional arena.

In LPL Spring Split 2017 EDward Gaming took the first place in Group B with 4 wins. On April 18, the team will play in the first round of the upper bracket in play-off stage.