League of Legends Champions Korea: 2016 Summer Split is ending!

It has been a really rough ride for every team in the LCK this split. There's no SKT straight domination or pure ROX streak like the last time, every team has shown some great skills, thrills, and even upsets that will really leave its mark into the League of Legends' Season 6 era. Expected no less to be the regarded best region in the League scene, let's have a quick rundown of the standings and ranks before we go on any further to the Week 11 matches.


Courtesy of: lol.gamepedia.com

Going into the last Week of the 2016 LCK Summer Split, it's pretty eye-catching that ROX Tigers is in the lead, just edging out SK Telecom by a hair. What's also surprising is that ROX has lost both encounters with SKT, hence, their 2 losses out of 3, which the last one was set for by Samsung Galaxy, which went 1-1 with ROX in their encounters.  Looking at the bottom of the pack, however, we see the remnants of the mighty CJ Entus hopelessly last and has only won against the likes of JinAir and Longzhu.

The middle of the pack is pretty standard, with Afreeca Freecs comfortably at 5th place, still with the chance of making it in the playoffs should Samsung Galaxy regress to the 5th place somehow.  Afreeca Freecs have been somewhat amazing when choosing their battles as they have successfully toned down SKT's rampage and have defeated them twice! That's been any LCK team's dream since the Season 5 sweep of SKT.

In any case, every team here has played well and should be proud of their achievements no matter where they may be in the standings. One may remember that SKT had already won Mid-season Invitationals and will be automatically seeded to Worlds. Time will only tell what's in store for them and every other team in the league. Week 11 ought to be a really great week for every team, so don't miss out even a minute of it!

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