Kwon «Wraith» Ji-min renews contract with Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy esportsman Kwon «Wraith» Ji-min decided to renew his contract with the organization. Samsung Galaxy announced that on their official Facebook page. Almost all players of 2016 roster also renewed the contracts.

Kwon «Helper» Young-jae became the only player to leave the team. He played on Top Lane position. Also, the organization has changed the coach. Choi «TrAce» Woo-bum replaced Kim Jung-su.

Kwon «Wraith» Ji-min started his esports career in 2012 in the roster of PSW Ares. For the following 2 years, he has been playing for Jin Air Green Wing, SK Telecom T1 and ahq e-Sports Club. In 2014, he became a member of Samsung Galaxy team. Together with the team, he took the 4th place in LCK Summer 2016. Later, the team qualified to World Championship 2016, where they passed to the grand final but lost the match against SK Telecom T1 with 3:2 score.

Samsung Galaxy gathered their first League of Legends roster in 2013. One of the rosters, named Samsung Galaxy White, won World Championship 2014, after defeating Star Horn Royal Club team with 3:1 score in the grand final.

Samsung Galaxy current roster:

Lee «CuVee» Seong-jin
Kang «Ambition» Chan-yong
Kwon «Wraith» Ji-min
Lee «Crown» Min-ho
Park «Ruler» Jae-hyuk
Lee «Stitch» Seung-ju
Jo «CoreJJ» Jong-in