Gambit eSports signed League of Legends roster

Gambit eSports decided to extend their reach to League of Legends signing a roster for this discipline.

One of the signed players, Edward «Edward» Abgaryan, already has an experience in playing for Gambit eSports. He will play on the line with player, Daniel «Blasting» Kudrin from Latvia, who is a current champion of LCL.

Kira and PVPStejos, ex-players of M19, take the mid and upper lane. Diamondprox takes the position of a Jungler.

The main coach for the team is Dmitrii «Invi» Protasov, and the manager for LOL-roster is Anton «Tunes» Boiko.

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Currently, all players stay in Moscow preparing for the upcoming season.

Gambit eSports roster:

Alexander «PvPStejos» Glazkov – Upper lane
Danil «Diamondprox» Reshetnikov - Jungler
Michael «Kira» Garmash – Mid lane
Daniel «Blasting» Kudrin — AD Carry
Edward «Edward» Abgaryan – Support

Dmitrii «Invi» Protasov – Coach
Anton «Tunes» Boiko - Manager