Fnatic signed a coach

Dylan Falco became a new coach for Fnatic. Previously, Finlay «Quaye» Steward took this position, and currently he is the manager of the team.

Before joining Fnatic, Dylan Falco was coaching Team EnVyUs. However, after the disappointing results on North America LCS (10th place in the rating), Dylan and Team EnVyUs decided to terminate the cooperation. Except the coaching, Dylan Falco also was analyst for Team SoloMid and H2k-Gaming. Additionally, he was the main coach for Immortals.

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Falco’s new organization lost the main coach two months ago. In March 2017, Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgard left Fnatic. Finlay «Quaye» Steward temporarily took the position of the coach till a new person to take this position is found. During this period, the team managed to take the third place on European LCS Spring Split 2017, losing the semifinal match against G2 Esports but winning the match for the third place against Misfits.

Fnatic roster:

Paul «sOAZ» Boyer (TopLane)
Mads «Broxah» Brock-Pedersen (Jungler)
Rasmus «Caps» Winther (MidLane)
Martin «Rekkles» Larsson (AD Carry)
Jesse «Jesiz» Le (Support)

Dylan Falco (coach)

Maurice «Amazingx» Stückenschneider (Jungler, reserve)
Mateusz «Kikis» Szkudlarek (TopLane, reserve)
Yasin «Nisqy» Dincer (MidLane, reserve)
Rasmus «MrRalleZ» Skinneholm (AD Carry, reserve)
Johan «Klaj» Olsson (Support, reserve)