Echo Fox recruited three newcomers

The North American eSports club Echo Fox has employed two new players and a coach - Brandon «Mash» Phan, Wang «Feng» Xiao Feng and Nicholas «Inero» Smith have signed full contracts with the organization and will soon start a preparation to 2017 NA LCS Summer Split.

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We would like to remind that Echo Fox had replaced three players before the 2017 season and invited the ex-champion of the world Jang «Looper» Hyeong-seok to the top, however, this didn’t help the team to take the desired place at 2017 NA LCS Spring Split.

The actual roster of Echo Fox:

Jang «Looper» Hyeong-seok (top)
Matthew «Akaadian» Higginbotham (jungle)
Henrik «Froggen» Hansen (mid)
Yuri «Keith» Jew (carry)
Austin «Gate» Yu (support)
Brandon «Brandini» Chen (top)
Jonathan «Grigne» Armao (jungle)
Tanner «Damonte» Damonte (mid)
Wang «Feng» Xiao Feng (top/carry)
Brandon «Mash» Phan (carry)