Dark Passage signed Hustlin

Morgan «Hustlin» Granberg joined a Turkish team Dark Passage. He will take a support place in a roster.

Hustlin participated in Turkish Champions League Summer 2017 together with Dark Passage. Morgan did not manage to come to the agreement about a new contract with GIANTS! Gaming organization, so he decided to leave the team and join Dark Passage. He also lost his place in EU LCS basing on EU LCS Summer Promotion Tournament 2017 as well as GIANTS! Gaming team did.

Morgan Granberg started his esports career in the second roster of GIANTS! Gaming in October 2015. His first performance on EU LCS took place on March 2016, when he became a support of GIANTS! Gaming main roster.

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Dark Passage started their 2017 season with participation on Intel Extreme Masters XI — Gyeonggi, taking 7-8 place there. TCL Spring 2017 Dark Passage took 7th place.

Dark Passage roster:

Sergen «Broken Blade» Celik
Furkan «immortoru» Tekes
Anil «HolyPhoenix» Isik
Burak «Rogu» Eryol
Morgan «Hustlin» Granberg
Jakub «Cinkrof» Rokicki (listed)