Mid-Season Invitational 2021: MAD Lions and PSG Talon advanced to the second stage of the tournament

Head-to-head confrontations in Group B are over, and we know the names of two more teams that will play in the second stage of the tournament. After 6 rounds of games, they led the quartet MAD Lions (5-1), and the second place was taken by PSG Talon (4-2).

The 3rd place was taken by paiN Gaming (2-4), and the 4th by İstanbul Wild Cats (1-5). This was not enough to continue the struggle, and therefore paiN Gaming left the championship taking 7-9 place, and İstanbul Wild Cats 10-11 line.

MAD Lions and PSG Talon join RNG and Pentanet.GG in the second stage of the championship and already guarantee themselves at least 5-6 place. Rumble Stage matches will begin on May 14, and today we will find out the names of the last two participants of the stage from Group C.


Mid-Season Invitational 2021 started on May 6 and will end on the 23rd. The total prize pool of the major League of Legends championship will be $ 250,000.