LEC Summer 2020 Upper Bracket Final will take place today

The European League of Legends summer split is coming to an end. The Upper Bracket Final will be played today, with the winner playing in the Grand Final on September 6th.

G2 Esports and Fnatic will compete for a ticket to the grand final. The European giants showed not the best game in the group stage, nevertheless, they confirmed their status in the playoffs.

In the first round of the Upper Bracket, Fnatic easily beat Rogue 3-0. G2 Esports beat Mad Lions 3-1. The LEC Summer Upper Bracket Final between G2 and Fnatic will be the sixth club meeting in 2020. So far, they all ended in favor of G2. The start of the match is scheduled for 18:00 Moscow time.

Let us remind you that 200,000 euros and tickets to the World Championship in Shanghai are raffled off at LEC Summer. The top four teams from the LEC Summer 2020 playoffs will directly advance to the Worlds 2020 group stage.