[2017 NA LCS Spring Promotion] Echo Fox vs NRG Esports: Who will come back to the LCS?

Echo Fox and NRG Esports, both belonging to the 8-10th place teams of 2016 NA LCS's Summer Split, will be facing each other in a last ditch effort to play once more in the NA LCS. Echo Fox (10th Place) will face of in a Best-of-Five series against NRG Esports (9th Place) tomorrow. Both teams will play with their original rosters from the NA LCS.

This final game for promotion is a result of NRG Esport's loss (3-0) against Cloud 9 Challenger. Meaning, Cloud 9, the organization, would have two of its teams in the NA LCS. There's no known word about NA LCS banning/barring two teams from the same organization to play in the LCS (unlike LCK, where there's a distinct rule about sister teams). Of we are to get hold of such info, we'll inform you. But as far as Riot is concerned, they seem to have no qualms about the matter.

Echo Fox managed to defeat Team Liquid Academy (3-2) for the second chance of re-qualifying. Hence, only these two teams is left as Cloud 9 Challenger and Phoenix1 have both already qualified for the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split.  Whoever wins this will be re-qualifed to the LCS and whoever loses will be relagated to the NACS.

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