T1 overplayed SANBOX Gaming within LCK SUMMER 2022

Well, welcome back to the LCK Summer 2022! Let me briefly introduce you to what had happened in match T1 versus SANDBOX Gaming inside the strongest, for now, tournament in Korea over the LoL discipline. For many reasons, the number of high skill Pro teams in LoL territorially gathered in Korea, especially - DAMWON Gaming, DRX, Gen.G Esports and, of course, T1. That is why this tournament is so spectacular to watch! But, sometimes we can be busy watching the whole battle online. In that case, you can easily check out our overview about LCK Summer 2022 in Korea, in particular T1 vs LSB.

Contest between T1 and LSB was predictable, Zeus was showing us one of the most unique gameplay with Gragas and Jayse during the fights. Let’s speak about games in depth.

T1 overplayed SANBOX Gaming within LCK SUMMER 2022. Photo 1

Match history

First round just proved the strength of T1’s strategies with one of the strongest duo lane during the current season by Renata and Zeri, combining it with amazing top laner Zeus and burst mid laner Swain(Faker).

The SANDBOX team tried to resist the tension, but in vain. At the 25th minute, not even taking care of Nashor, T1 decided to end the game by slashing enemies inside their base. 1-0.

Second round also ended with destroying LSB’s Nexus. Both teams did not even try to kill each other till the first 20 minutes, after that T1 decided to take a Herald for destroying the enemy inhibitor really fast. Then they gathered around Nashor’s pit where they met LSB, the fight was fast and predictable, everything ended when Zeus came to destroy the Nexus. 2-0.


LCK Summer 2022 is taking place in Korea from 15th of June 2022 till 14th of July 2022. 10 best Chinese teams are fighting for ~ 300.000$ and the only one and the smartest team will take an invite for Worlds 2022!