Heroes of the Storm updates – May, 18th, 2016

Heroes of the Storm updates – May, 18th, 2016

New hero: Chromie

Chromie, keeper of the time, was added to the list of Heroes of the Storm characters. Here is a brief description of her main abilities.

Hero Trait

  • Time Walker
  • Chromie can travel through the time into the future to learn talents 1 level quicker.

Basic abilities:

  • Sand Blast (Q)
  • After 1 second pause, Chromie fires a high-distance blast inflicting damage to the first enemy hero it meets.
  • Dragon’s Breath (W)
  • Range attack damaging enemy heroes within area after 1.5 seconds after firing. Enemies are not aware of where the attack is fired.
  • Time Trap (E)
  • Places Time Traps which becomes invisible after 2 seconds after been placed. The first enemy hero touching Time Trap gets Statis effect for 2 seconds. There can be only one trap on game arena at the same time.

Hero abilities:

  • Slowing Sands (R)
  • Creates a Slowing Sands which slow down every enemy hero who traps into it. Slow down effect increases with the time of Slowing Sand being activated.
  • Temporal Loop (R)
  • Targeted enemy hero is moved to the place where he was at the moment of using Temporal Loop ability.

System updates

Heroes of the Storm matchmaking rankings

Several thousands of players managed to reach the highest rankings of matchmaking, so the difference between top-rated players and other players is too crucial to make matchmaking comfortable for everyone. It happens to wait too much time for matchmaking as only several players with highest ranks are currently waiting for their queue. Previously, it resulted in taking 3 players with the maximum ranking and one low-ranked player. It helped in balancing average ranking of two teams for quicker matchmaking.

After MMR update, the matchmaking process is going to change. Teams are formed with the max-rank only. From the one hand, the teams become less balanced, but from the other hand, there no low-rank players in teams.

New updates are still aimed to presume ranking balance for matchmaking. A new MMR approach can give an advantage to a player with the highest ranks. An average rank of team members is equal. Team members have no need to put much effort to make absence of low-rank players’ abilities less noticeable. Overall, the game is going to become more balanced with the exception of some specific situations. Besides, new MMR is going to be implemented when the players wait for a matchmaking for a long time.

Graphics and art

General Heroes of the Storm art updates

  • Changed Specialist Hero icon: now it depicts their special attitude to choosing battle methods

Heroes’ abilities and skills

  • Changed icons for different heroes’ abilities and traits.
  • Changed Dragon Knight and Garden Terror ability icons.
  • Changed Mount icons for the heroes who move using special abilities:
  • Abathur – Deep Tunnel
  • Brightwing – Phase Shift
  • Dehaka – Brushstalker
  • Falstad – Flight
  • Gall – Hurry Up, Oaf!
  • Lunara – Dryad’s Swiftness
  • Rehgar – Ghost Wolf
  • Sgt. Hammer – Thrusters
  • The Lost Vikings – Go, go, go!
  • Added new effects allowing player to determine when the hero is under ability causing Stasis effect:
  • Ice Block (Talent)
  • Cho — Molten Block (Talent)
  • Chromie — Time Trap (E), Time Out (Talent)
  • Jaina — Improved Ice Block (Talent)
  • Rexxar — Feign Death (Talent)
  • Zagara — Devouring Maw (R button)
  • Zeratul — Void Prison (R button)
  • Arthas:
  • Visual effects are changed according to a new set of talents
  • Rune Tap talent visual effects are depicted in the center of hero model, not above it

In-game Heroes of the Storm shop


  • Added new bundles:
  • Fel Queen Chromie – can be purchased up to May, 16, 2016.
  • Battle Beasts - can be purchased up to June, 7, 2016.
  • Ultimate Battle Beasts - can be purchased up to June, 7, 2016.
  • Triumph Bundle
  • The Storm Bundle is no longer available for purchasing in in-game shop.

New hero

  • Chromie is available in in-game shop


  • Master Chromie
  • Fel Queen Chromie


  • Nazeebo Bundle now costs $6.49 or 4,000 in-game gold.
  • Nova Bundle now costs $8.49 or 7,000 in-game Gold.

Sound effects

Questing talent updates

  • Added new sound effects for questing talents. Sounds are played according to the progress of questing talent achievements.

Heroes of the Storm Game Interface


  • Added two new system messages appearing right after unranked game is found. “Connecting…” message means that connection with server is delayed, “Waiting for Players” message means that it is necessary to wait until other players join the match.

Draft Mode

  • Blocking system
  • Now the heroes are blocked after 60 seconds in the first round (before update – 45 seconds)

In-game interface

  • Questing talents
  • Improved questing talents visual effects. Now it is easier to distinguish them from other talents. Besides, it is easier to track progress of the corresponding tasks necessary to activate questing talent:
  • Current progress is displayed in tool tips and buff panel
  • Talent icons on the score screen (TAB) show current progress for each match participant.
  • When the questing talent tasks are in progress, icon of completing task will appear near hero or near his target
  • When questing talent tasks are completed, the corresponding visual effect appears above the hero
  • Ability icons:
  • Now icons for unavailable abilities are marked with grey frames
  • Floating text in combat mode
  • Added critical strike floating text notification. Now it is easier to notice critical strikes caused by ability or talent.

Selection of Hero:

  • Additional floating tips with hero description are added to the screen of hero selection.
  • Estimated time for waiting in queue:
  • If player selects a popular hero, “High Estimated Wait Time” message appease above the Start button.
  • Such situations occur when new heroes are added
  • Players are offered to choose another hero to shorten estimated waiting time. Players can reject and wait their queue with previously selected hero.


Healing Well

  • 25% of Healing Well HP maximum rate is transferred into shield. The delay for shield recharge is 8 seconds.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We’ve noticed some rather un-fun behavior in the form of sniping Healing Wells over time using very long range Abilities. While we’re okay with players doing this to a degree, we found it was too effective given how little counterplay there was. To help solve this, turned a sizable portion of Healing Well Health into a Shield. This means that if you offer your Healing Well some respite from enemy attacks by chasing opponents away every now and then, it will start to regenerate some of that Shield. Only you can protect Healing Wells from those pesky Arcane Orbs!

Heroes of the Storm Talents Updates

Battle Momentum

  • Battle Momentum talent now is available for all heroes. Each hero has its own version of this talent. The effect of the talent appears only during the time of basic abilities CD time.
  • Diablo
  • Diabolical Momentum
  • Basic attack affects CD time of basic abilities by 0.75 seconds (previously 0.5 seconds)
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.
  • Johanna
  • Blessed Momentum
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.
  • Kerrigan
  • Bladed Momentum
  • Basic attack affects CD time of basic abilities by 0.75 seconds (previously - 0.5 seconds)
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.
  • Tyrael
  • Angelic Momentum
  • Basic attack affects CD time of basic abilities by 0.75 seconds (previously - 0.5 seconds)
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.
  • Tyrande
  • Lunar Momentum
  • Basic attack affect CD time of basic abilities by 0.75 seconds (previously - 0.5 seconds)
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.
  • Zagara
  • Swarm Momentum
  • Basic attack affect CD time of basic abilities by 0.75 seconds (previously - 0.5 seconds)
  • Basic attack does not reduce CD time of hero’s abilities.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

Our intention for Battle Momentum was to create more active gameplay by using your Basic Abilities more often, but we found that a lot of this Talent’s power lied in its ability to reduce your Heroic cooldowns. We wanted to increase the cooldown reduction granted by the Talent, but didn’t want Heroic Ability cooldowns to drop to absurdly low levels. By making it only reduce the cooldowns of Basic Abilities (Q, W, E), it allowed us to increase this cooldown reduction without making it overpowered. We’ve also made Battle Momentum Hero-specific, so that we can tune each one without affecting all the rest, since Attack Speed, melee versus range, and the nature of your Basic Abilities can all drastically change what is balanced.

Conjurer's Pursuit

Added new reward for implementation of all tasks.

  • Task: when hero collects regeneration globe, mana regeneration speed is increased by 0.1 points per 1 second. Maximum rate of bonus is 2.5 points per second. Bonus is available till the end of the match.
  • Rewards for completing: when 25 regeneration globes are collected, maximum mana rate is increased by 100 points.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We’ve added a completion point to this Talent. Upon completing its quest, players will be provided with some additional power. This allows us to offer spikes of power in-between Talent levels, or even for a single player on a team. Now, simply picking the Talent and only partially completing it is worse, but finishing the quest will return a larger reward. Choosing the right Talents on the right Battleground or with the right team composition has always been an important goal for us, and this change pushes this Talent to closer align with that goal.


  • Talent specifications were changed.
  • Now talent increases basic attack damage by 30% for 3 seconds. To activate talent, a hero needs to inflict damage upon a target under slowing, rooting, or Stunning effects. If a target is damaged by basic attack repeatedly under the same circumstances, talent effect is prolonged.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We like the punishing nature of Executioner, but have found over time that its benefit to the player is too narrowly scoped. We’re changing the Talent to be more consistently useful by giving the player a temporary Attack Damage buff that procs when they first hit a crowd controlled target.

Hardened Focus

  • Health indicator near hero portrait shows whether the current HP rate is higher than 80% health maximum.
  • When the effect is active, the correspondent icon appears at the buff bar nearby hero portrait.

Regeneration Master

  • Added new reward for implementation of all tasks.
    • Task: when hero collects regeneration globe, health regeneration speed is increased by 1.0 points with maximum bonus of 30 points.
    • Rewards for completing: when 30 regeneration globes are collected, maximum health rate is increased by 500 points.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

watch commentaries for Conjurer's Pursuit questing talent changes.

Seasoned Marksman

Added new reward for implementation of all tasks.

    • Task: for each minion killed nearby hero, damage is increased by 0.2 points, for each enemy hero by 0.5 points. Maximum bonus - 40 points.
    • Rewards for completing: when maximum bonus is 40 points, hero can activate Seasoned Marksman talent increasing attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds. CD time: 60 seconds.

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Conjurer's Pursuit questing talent changes.



  • Removed talent - Battle Momentum
  • Removed talent - First Aid
  • Removed talent - Overdrive
  • Renamed talent - Vigorous Assault into Hammer Gains
  • Falstad’s Vigorous Assault talent version
  • Basic attack now restores 20% from the inflicted damage (previously - 15%)
  • Falstad’s Trait: Tailwind
  • Flow Rider talent now is available on Level 13 (previously - Level 4)
  • (Q) Hammerang
  • Removed talent - Power Throw
  • Removed talent - Hammer Time
  • Crippling Hammer talent now is available on Level 16 (previously - Level 13)
  • Talent: Secret Weapon
    • Hammerang distance increased by 30%.
    • Basic attack bonus is increased by 60% (previously 80%).
  • (W) Lightning Rod
  • Charged Up talent now is available on Level 7 (previously - Level 4)
    • Lightning Rod distance is increased by 15%.
    • Charged Up talent allows to strike Lightning Rod 2 more times (previously - 3).
  • Static Shield talent now is available on Level 4 (previously - Level 13)
  • Shield durability is 4% from Falstad’s maximum HP rate (previously - 5%).
  • (E) Barrel Roll  
  • Shield is active for 3 seconds (previously - 2 seconds).
  • Removed talent - Free Roll.
  • Updraft talent now is available on Level 4 (previously - Level 1)          
  • When Barrel Roll is active, shield durability is increased by 40%.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We have been trying our best to support and balance the ‘mage’ versus ‘auto-attack’ builds that Falstad has access to, but continue to teeter-totter as small changes to popular Talents tend to dictate full build-paths. The changes Falstad is receiving may seem massive (and to an extent they are), but we tried our best to keep his current builds intact while opening some new and exciting combinations. Overall, we are not hoping for a huge swing in power in one direction or the other, but to open up more compelling choices at each Talent tier.


  • (R1) Summon Ultralisk
    • CD time reduced to 70 seconds (previously - 80 seconds)
  • (R2) Maelstrom
    • CD time reduced to 90 seconds (previously - 100 seconds)

Official Blizzard commentaries:  

We are hearing your feedback about Kerrigan. Although the changes this Heroes of the Storm patch are very minor, we are full aware of the community’s support and enthusiasm for revitalizing the Queen of Blades. Although we don’t currently have any extensive changes planned for her, she is definitely on our radar and you can expect to see some more tweaks coming soon.


  • Talent Cannoneer
    • Connoneer effects are now displayed on the buff bar nearby hero portrait.
  • Talent Tal Rasha's Elements has been changed. Now it works in the following way:
    • When abilities are in use, ability power is increased by 5% (maximum effect - 20%). Bonus is restarted each time when Li-Ming uses one at the same ability in a chain.
  • (R) Disintegrate
    • Talent Temporal Flux
      • Gradually slows down targets being damaged by a beam. Maximum effect of slowing down - 60%.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

After our last round of changes, Li-Ming’s win rate and overall balance has leveled into a great spot. However, we felt that there were a couple of changes to her level 20 Talents that would help them better fit her intended design goals. Both Tal Rasha’s Elements and Disintegrate will now take a bit more planning and finesse to execute to their max potential.


  • Removed talent - Berserk


  • Removed talent - Berserk


  • Living Bomb (W)
    • Talent Sun King’s Fury:
      • Additional damaged, inflicted by basic attacks, is reduced by 20% to 137 points (+4% for each next level)

Specialist heroes


  • (E) Xplodium Charge
    • Stun effect now lasts for 1.75 seconds (previously 2 seconds)
    • Inflicted damage now is 233 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 212 points, +4% for each next level)

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We’ve received a lot of feedback from players regarding the popular strategy of chaining movement impairing effects, like Stuns and Roots, on an enemy Hero. While we want this to be a viable way to play, we feel it’s currently too prominent and powerful at higher levels of play. As a result, we are reducing the duration of many of these effects in the game. In scenarios where this change nerfs a character we don’t otherwise want to nerf, we’re coupling it with a buff to help offset the difference. While this change hasn’t reduced all effects that might make you lose control of your Hero, we feel these are some of the more egregious ones. As always, we will make further changes if necessary.


  • (E) Bone Prison
    • Root effect now lasts for 1.75 seconds (previously 2 seconds).
    • Talent Amplify Damage
      • Vulnerability now lasts for 1.75 seconds (previously 2 seconds).

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Gazlowe updates.


Li Li

  • Added new talent - Cleanse (Level 7)
  • Shake It Off talent now is available on Level 16 (previously - Level 7)
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
  • Li Li’s Trait - Fast Feet
    • Talent Safety Sprint
      • Increases speed bonus regardless current HP rate.
  • (Q) Healing Brew
    • Removed talent - Herbal Cleanse

Official Blizzard commentaries:

While one of the core components of Li Li’s design has been that she does not target her Abilities, we were not happy with Herbal Cleanse and its odd usability. In addition to some other minor Talent adjustments, we’ve decided to give Cleanse to Li Li to help her compete with other Supports in this area.

Lt. Morales

  • Renamed talent: Advanced Block into Autoblock


  • (R) Tranquility
    • Now heals only heroes.


  • (W) Lightning Shield  
    • Stormcaller talent has been changed.
      • When Lightning Shield inflicts damage on enemy, mana points are increased by 3 pints (maximum bonus - 30 mana points)
  • (E) Earthbind Totem
    • Talent: Earthgrasp Totem  
      • Duration of improved effect now is 1 second (previously - 1.5 seconds)

Official Blizzard commentaries:

Stormcaller has been changed so that it offers a little different gameplay than Spiritwalker’s Grace. While they both restore Mana, Stormcaller will offer a higher reward but not have the same guarantee as Spiritwalker’s Grace. Each also has different synergies with other Talents. Earthgrasp Totem’s slow duration was nerfed slightly because we found the duration of such a powerful slow on a short cooldown was pretty frustrating to play against.


  • (W) Polymorph
    • Polymorph effect now lasts for 1.25 seconds (previously 1.5 seconds)
    • Power of slow down effect now is 25% (previously - 20%)
    • CD time now is 12 seconds (previously 15 seconds)
    • Mana points required: 60 (previously 75)
    • Talent: Greater Polymorph
      • Bonus for duration now is 0.75 seconds (previously 1 second)

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Gazlowe updates.


  • (E) Hammer of Justice
    • Stun effect lasts for 0.75 seconds (previously - 1 second)
    • CD time now is 8 seconds (previously 10 seconds)
    • Mana points required: 40 (previously 50 points)

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Gazlowe updates.

Warrior heroes


  • HP rate now is 2026 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 1926 points, +4% for next each level)
  • HP regeneration now is 4.22 per second (+4% for each next level) (previously 4.01, +4% for each next level)
  • Added talent: Dampen Magic Talent (at Level 1).
  • Removed talent: Mercenary Lord.
  • Removed talent: Spell Shield.
  • Removed talent: Imposing Presence.
  • Talent: Locust Needles
  • Areal extra-damage now is 60% from basic attack damage (previously 50%)
  • Anub'arak's Trait: Scarab Host
  • Talent: Assault Scarab
    • Scarabs’ basic attack now is 30% (previously 30%)
  • Talent: Beetle, Juiced has been changed:
    • Every 3-rd basic attack inflicting damage on enemy hero summons one Scarab
  • (Q) Impale  
  • Bed of Barbs talent  now is available on Level 13 (previously - Level 7)
    • Damage rate now is 46 points per seconds (+4% for each next level) (previously 26 points per second, +4% for each next level)
  • Talent: Extended Spikes
    • Impale damage is increased by 25%.
  • (W) Harden Carapace
  • Durability of shield now is 300 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 260 points, +4% for each next level)
  • CD time now is 7 seconds (previously 8 seconds)
  • Mana points required now is 30 points (previously 35 points)
  • Removed talent: Persistent Carapace.
  • Removed talent: Symbiotic Armor.
  • Urticating Spines talent now is available on Level 13 (previously - Level 7)
    • Damage inflicted to the arena now is 80 points (+4% for each next level), Hero enemies are double damaged (previously 105 points, +4% for each next level, without double damage)
  • Chitinous Plating talent now is available on Level 7 (previously - Level 13) and now it functions in the following way:
      • When Anub'arak receives damage with activated Harden Carapace talent, CD time for Harden Carapace reuse is reduced by 0.75 seconds (maximum effect - 3 seconds)
  • Talent: Shed Exoskeleton
    • Speed bonus now is 30% (previously 25%)
  • (E) Burrow Charge
  • Talent: Underking
    • Burrow Change CD is not reduced, but still increases distance to 20%.
    • Burrow Change damage is increased by 100%.
  • Talent: Epicenter  
    • Burrow Change damage is not increased, but still increases radius to 85%.
    • Burrow Charge CD time is decreased by 4 seconds with each damaged hero enemy.
  • (R1)  Locust Swarm
  • Mana points required now is 75 (previously 100).
  • (R2) Cocoon
  • Talent: Cryptweave
    • Cocoon effect is prolonged automatically when Anub'arak is nearby inflicted enemy.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We want Anub’arak to be a Warrior who is good against enemy spell casters, so we gave him some Talents that point him in that direction. We also saw an opportunity to improve his Talent tree, as many of his Talents are outdated. He should feel much better at diving squishy backline Heroes, and his Talent choices should be more compelling.


  • HP rate now is 2582 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 2382 points, +4% for each next level)
  • HP regeneration now is 5.37 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 4.96 points, 4% for each next level)
  • Removed talent: Regeneration Master
  • Removed talent: Mercenary Lord
  • Removed talent: Spell Shield
  • Removed talent: Relentless
  • Removed talent: Stoneskin
  • Removed talent: Rewind
  • New Talent added: Icebound Fortitude (Level 7)
  • Received damage is reduced by 25%, silence, stun, slow down, root and polymorph effects duration is reduced by 75%. Effect lasts for 3 seconds, CD time: 50 seconds.
  • New Talent (Level 20): Death's Advance
  • Passively increases Arthas’ Movement Speed by 10%. Activate to increase this bonus to 30% for 3 seconds.  50 second cooldown.
  • New Talent added: Anti-Magic Shell (Level 20)
  • Reduced 100% of ability damage and restores HP by 25% from whelmed damage. Effect lasts for 3 seconds. CD time is 60 seconds.
  • (D) Arthas’ Trait: Frostmourne Hungers


  • Removed talent: Destruction
  • Removed talent: Obliterate
  • Talent: Eternal Hunger is changed into a questing talent.
    • Task: with each enemy, inflicted by Frostmourne Hungers, MP rate is increased by 4 points. Effect lasts till the end of the match, maximum effect - 40 points.
    • Rewards: when 10 enemies are inflicted by Frostmourne Hungers, damage bonuses increases by 125%.
  • Frost Strike talent now is available on Level 13 (previously - Level 7)
    • Frostmourne Hungers CD time is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • (Q) Death Coil
  • Removed talent: Death Touch.
  • Immortal Coil talent now is available on Level 7 (previously Level 16)
  • When enemy hero is damaged by Death Coil, Arthas restores 100% HP from damage
  • New Talent added: Deathlord (Level 4)
    • Death Coil CD time is reduced by 2 seconds, distance is increased by 25%
  • Talent: Embrace Death
    • Damage bonus for each 10% of lacking HP now is 10% (previously 20%)
  • (W) Howling Blast
  • Root effect lasts for 1.25 seconds (previously 1.5 seconds).
  • CD time now is 10 seconds (previously 12 seconds)
  • Mana points required is 60 (previously 70 points).
  • Talent: Frost Presence   
    • Howling Blast CD time is decreased by 5 seconds, if Howling Blast damages enemy hero.
  • Talent: Trail of Frost  
    • Howling Blast distance is increased by 30%.
  • (E) Frozen Tempest
  • Damage inflicted by one second now is 52 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 48 points, +4% for each next level)
  • Biting Cold talent now is available on Level 4 (previously level 13)
    • Damage bonus now is 30% (previously 50%)
  • New Talent added: Frigid Winds (Level 13)
    • Attack speed of the enemy is reduced by 8% per second under the effect of Frozen Tempest (maximum effect - 40%)
  • New Talent added: Remorseless Winter (Level 16)
    • All enemies under Frozen Tempest effect are additionally inflicted by root effect with 1.75 seconds duration. The effect can be reapplied after 10 seconds.
  • (R1) Army of the Dead
  • Ghoul HP now is 960 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 799 points, +4% for each next level)
  • Talent: Legion of Northrend
    • Bonus for HP restoring now is increased to 50% (previously 25%).
  • (R2) Summon Sindragosa
  • Inflicted damage now is 230 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 255 points, +4% for each next level).
  • Slow down effect now lasts for 3.5 seconds (previously 2 seconds)
  • All disabling effects, which inflict all enemies except for enemy heroes, now last for 20 seconds (previously 10 seconds).
  • Talent: Absolute Zero.
    • Slow down effect now lasts for 3.5 seconds (previously 2 seconds).

Official Blizzard commentaries:

As one of the very first heroes that we created, and one who hasn’t had many changes since his release, Arthas has been on our radar for some time as a Hero whose Talents needed some sprucing up. In addition to giving him some powerful new Talents befitting of the Lich King, we also moved around and modified many of his options so that he has multiple build paths with different playstyles.


  • (Q) Shadow Charge
    • Shadow Charge ability has been changed
      • Automatic stun effect is canceled. Daze effect is applied when knocked back. Daze effect lasts until knock back is over.
        • If target hits some terrain obstacles, Stun effect is applied for 1 second.
      • Diablo keeps moving towards target when the target is knocking back.

Official Blizzard commentaries:

Shadow Charge seems like a really simple Ability, but on the backend there were a lot of technical manipulations to make everything work the way they were intended. These were starting to create odd gameplay and bugs, so we’ve simplified the design of the Ability so that Diablo travels right alongside his victim as they are knocked back, instead of walking really fast toward them.

  • (R) Apocalypse
    • Stun effect lasts 1.75 seconds (previously 2 seconds)

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Gazlowe updates.


  • Iron Skin (Trait) (D)
    • Shield durability now is 674 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 613 points, +4% for each next level)

Official Blizzard commentaries:

We originally tuned Iron Skin to hold a large portion of the power in Johanna’s base-kit. The scaling changes we did in November hurt the strength of the Ability, so we are tuning it up in order to help bring back that original feeling.


  • HP rate now is 2468 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 2373 points, +4% for each next level)
  • HP regeneration rate now is 5.14 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 4.95 points, +4% for each next level)
  • Regeneration Master’s changes affected Reanimation talent, and now Reanimation talent works as following:
    • Respawn time is decreased by 10 seconds, when 30 regeneration globes are collected. 


  • Talent: Give ‘em the Axe
    • When Muradin basic attacks target under slow down, stun or root effect, basic attack damage is increased by 60% for 3 seconds.
  • Muradin’s Trait: Second Wind
    • Talent: Third Wind
      • Bonus HP restoration starts when hero has 60% of maximum HP rate (previously 50%)
    • Talent: Stoneform
      • HP restoration is lowered to 40% of maximum HP rate (previously 50%)
      • Healing effect now lasts for 10 seconds (previously 8 seconds).
  • (Q) Storm Bolt
    • Removed talent: Infused Hammer
    • Stun effect now lasts for 1.25 seconds (previously 1.5 seconds)
    • Talent: Perfect Storm
      • MP required for Storm Bolt talent is reduced by 25%
  • (W) Thunder Clap
    • Talent: Healing Static
      • When enemy heroes are under Thunder Clap effect, only Muradin’s HP is restored.
      • Muradin can restore 1.5% HP of each damaged hero (previously 5%).
  • (E) Dwarf Toss
    • Talent: Landing Momentum
      • Speed bonus now is 25% (previously 20%)
      • Speed bonus now lasts for 5 seconds (previously 4 seconds).

Official Blizzard commentaries:

The changes to Muradin were done to help balance out his Talent tree. A few Talents were a bit over or under-tuned, and he kindly offered us his hammer in order to forge some better options.


  • Regeneration Master’s changes affected Hunter-Gatherer talent, and now Hunter-Gatherer talent works as following:
    • Rexxar and Misha receives to 30 points HP regeneration bonus. Rexxar’s HP can grow up to 600 points.
  • (D) Rexxar’s trait: Misha, Follow!
    • Now Misha can follow a target to the latest known place (including vents, terrains and bushes), copying the behavior of Zagara’s Hunter Killer.


  • Hungry for More now is a questing talent.
    • Task: each collected regeneration globe increases Stitches’ maximum HP rate by 30 points (maximum bonus - 900 points).
    • Rewards: when HP reaches maximum bonus rate, movement speed is increased by 10%.


  • HP rate now is 2658 (+4% for each next level) (previously 2556 points, +4% for each next level)
  • HP regeneration speed now is 5.54 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 5.32 points, +4% for each next level)


  • (R) Leap
    • Stun effect now is 1.25 seconds (previously 1.5 seconds)
    • Damage rate now is increased by 10% up to 135.3 points (+4 for each next level) (previously 123 points, +4 for each next level)

Official Blizzard commentaries: watch commentaries for Gazlowe updates.


  • HP rate now is 2468 points (+4 for each next level) (previously 2373 points, +4 for each next level)
  • HP regeneration speed now is 5.14 points (+4% for each next level) (previously 4.95 points, +4% for each next level)

Fixes added


  • Fixed bug with Taiwanese client. Now the client won’t crash when any Traditional Chinese Quick IME characters are used.  
  • Fixed misspellings and inaccuracies in descriptions.

Arts and Graphics

  • Fixed animation with Tychus standing while using a mount.
  • Fixed bug with using old icons for some skills and talents.
  • Icons for Gall’s talents Giant Scorcher and Shadowflame now are different in colors.
  • Graphic effects of Tychus’ Overkill ability are now displayed correctly on the main target.
  • Graphic effects of Tassadar’s Plasma Shield ability are now displayed correctly on Nazeebo.
  • A spike on Master E.T.C.’s guitar base has been moved to another position.
  • Ranger-General Sylvanas’ earring has changed it back side into non-transparent.
  • Uther’s armor has been improved: now a hole under the armpit is patched, so any arrow could hit hero into the armpit during Nexus combats.


  • Battlefield of Eternity: all Immortals now belong to Bosses category.
  • Tower of Doom: when Tower of Doom cores are destroyed, the effect of destroyed  invulnerable shields across the citadels does not appear.
  • Tower of Doom: barracks near southern altar have been moved to another place.
  • Archangel Diablo’s Fire Storm talent will no longer change color from blue to red when the talents are reset during a try mode.
  • Fixed bug when a hero did not inflict damage staying under the walls under certain angels with played animation of basic attack.

Heroes and talents

  • Now Gall can use Hurry Up, Oaf! Ability when Shadowbolt Volley is active.
  • Silence and polymorph effect will no longer interrupt activated Shadowbolt Volley ability.
  • Now Gall cannot use Shove talent when Cho’gall is under root effect.
  • Malfurion's Hardened Focus talent no longer has any effect upon cooldown time of Innervate ability.
  • Rehgar's Rewind talent no longer has any effect upon cooldown time of Ghost Wolf ability.
  • Fixed bug with transferring Abathur and Gall heroes into AFK when some actions, movements or command have been performed in starting area.
  • Dehaka’s Isolation ability against summoned creature or pet (Misha, Panther, Gargantuan, etc) does not make the hero with summoned unit lose the sight of his allies.
  • Additionally Isolation ability inflicts one of The Lost Vikings as well as Chen’s Spirits (Chen’s Hero Trait - Storm, Earth, Fire). Only Vikings’ or Spirits’ range of sight is affected. Hero has the same range of sight as his allies.
  • If only one Viking or Spirit is alive, the range of sight is decreased. It is impossible to see allies until Isolation effect is over.
  • When enemy hero is damaged staying on the border of X-plodium Charge area, Rock It! Turret ability charges correctly (when Gazlowe hero has X-Tra Large Bombs and ARK Reaktor talents available).
  • Fixed Johanna’s Falling Sword effect when casting of enemy heroes’ abilities is interrupted by Stun.
  • Fixed message about healing when Li Li uses Cloud Serpent for selfheal (only when Mending Serpent Talent has been learned).
  • Added new style to text appearing when Lt. Morales uses Safeguard ability.
  • Now enemies can see area of explosion just right after Murky uses Pufferfish when casing in vent or bush.
  • Tracer’s Pulse Bomb no longer destroys Murky’s eggs when the bomb is stacked, but it destroys egg when detonates.
  • Fixed bug when Nova’s Triple Tap could not be used by the same hero from another team when Triple Tap ability is activated by another team’s Nova Hero of the Storm.
  • Fixed bug when Nova’s Holo Decoys dealt more damage when Anti-Armor Shells is activated.
  • It is easier to distinguish Nova and her Holy Decoys when they are detected.
  • Animation and sound effects are no longer played when Nova’s (Pinning Shot ability) or Tyrande’s (Hunter’s Mark ability) target enters bushes or vents.
  • Li-Ming no longer slides using Teleportation, when Tyrael has already casted Judgment.
  • Fixed Bug with Sonya’s basic attack problems.
  • Tyrael can no longer teleport under root effects.
  • If Tyrael has been killed by Zagara’s Devouring Maw ability under Archangel’s Wrath effect, the status bar disappears correctly.
  • Wave of Light talent is no longer influenced replenishing of mana under Holy Radiance ability. Cooldown time is no longer decreased when hero damaged non-hero creatures.
  • Fixed bug when Hardened Focus made Holy Light and Holy Shock cooldown time run out too quickly.
  • Fixed bug with Uther’s Holy Shock talent when the target could not be detected when entering bush or vent.
  • When Baneling Barrage ability is activated, Zagara can move to the target with right button click without attacking it.
  • Zaratul can no longer use Wormhole for blinking out funder root effect.

User Interface Updates:

  • Fixed bug when player could unexpectedly leave menu in draft mode when the skins had been changed too quickly.
  • A.I. difficulty will no longer be automatically installed after game client has been installed
  • Hero League and Custom Game updates: favorite mounts are now displayed correctly during draft mode.
  • Using random hero selection, in the following match player cannot choose skins and mounts which are not available in their collection.
  • Fixed bug when F button could not be installed as a hot key with D button installed by default.
  • When party leader leaves party or cancels matchmaking search, the groups are correctly dismissed from matchmaking queue.