The Ultimate Yogg-Saron Compilation

Enjoy watching some of the best, most hilarious, game changing Yogg-Saron plays of all time? Look no further! You can find all of the best recorded Yogg-Saron clips assembled by some of the communities most well-known content creators right here!

Starting off, it’s Brian Kibler’s “The Ultimate Yoggdown of Ultimate Destiny” (Yikes!)

Up next, it’s Savij with “The Best Yogg Saron Ever”

Now we have Sjow with the next play highlight here:

Kripparian managed to pull off a “Yogg-Saron OTK”!

Brian Kibler, with Yogg-Saron’s help, managed to meet the Slime of his dreams!

Savij also put together “The Best and Worst of Yogg-Saron”

And finally, Kripparian’s “Yogg-Saron’s Nightmare”!