Lifecoach to Host First Tournament After Release of Un'Goro

The competitive scene has been taking a nice break as of recently in preparation for this Thursday, when our newest expansion releases. Lifecoach himself has stepped up to the plate to host the Throne of Cards Spring Invitational. This tournament will feature 8 seasoned, professional players who will receive a personal invitation to the event, and 8 challenger players, determined by a combination of rank, competitive history and more. The even itself will take place on April 8th-9th, and will be broadcasted live on Lifecoach's twitch channel.

Having a tournament so soon after an expansion’s premier can provide great experience for players and viewers alike. As it begins a mere two days after Un’Goro drops, players won’t have a particularly strong grasp on the current shape of the Meta. This, however, does beg the question as to whether these players will branch out, be creative and test some new theories out, or if we’ll just see a reversion to some of the classic, slightly modified Aggro, Midrange and Jade decks.

The official (yes, this is official) video for the event can be found here:


You can also stay updated about the players and challengers appearing at the event at the Throne of Cards official website

We’ve got an exciting week of new releases and competition ahead of us, so make sure to get your fill of Hearthstone this week, and share your results with us here!