Hearthstone: What can we Expect from Knights of the Frozen Throne Tomorrow?

We had a surprisingly short period of card reveals before the release of the newest Hearthstone expansion this time around, and despite this, it still brought all the hype. This expansion introduces a new card type, a new keyword, and brings us plenty of new cards to play around with. Already, several pro players and streamers have set up card reviews in an attempt to predict what the next coming few seasons of Hearthstone will bring us, but I believe that these cards are best in the eye of the beholder. Check out the complete, official list of new cards here.

Keep in mind that with this expansion comes a few changes to the pack opening system. Duplicate Legendary cards will not be able to be opened from packs anymore, and a Legendary card will be guaranteed in the first 10 packs of new expansions. Even if you didn’t end up preordering the 50 packs (FYI, this is the last day you can do that), putting in the work to get those 10 packs is absolutely worth your time. There is usually new quests or Tavern Brawls that can get you more packs of the new expansion early, so keep an eye out for those. Aside from that, get hype for when the expansion drops tomorrow, and keep an eye out for some new articles talking about how each class was affected by the expansion!